Born in the suburbs of Kolkata and brought up there, my childhood was filled with olive and green. The surrounding nature gifted me the passion to befriend with trees, plants, birds and all those innocent creatures that make this world a special place to live in.
During those days, the artist in me got a vent through bright and vibrant colours on canvas. My paintings mainly revolved around natural things. As I grew young, I started reading books of famous artists that definitely was not only of painters but also of sculptors, actors, writers and photographers.
The younger ‘me’ gradually matured and I realized that photography is one of those beautiful art forms by which I can creatively express what I see. With a camera in hand and a bike to ride, I often took the roads to reach some offbeat places. Birds always fascinated me and it was an affinity to photograph them and find out the names and behaviour of the species. I avidly studied birds in books and internet and graduated myself to a professional ornithologist. I also started working as a wildlife conservator for some noted institutes and organizations.
It was some 12 years back that I bought my first DSLR and I decided to turn pro. Along with birds and wildlife, I started documenting human life and behaviour through photography. Street is another genre that attracts me. I love to click the so-called ‘deprived class’ who, according to me, lives life with utmost exuberance and vivacity.